WordPress Migration


Are you:

  • Moving to a better hosting provider for faster loading times.
  • Pushing a local WordPress site to a live server.
  • Moving a site from a subdomain or a subfolder to the main directory.

We’ll safely transfer your WordPress website to a new location for 80 euros.

Our Process


We’ll take a full backup of your website. we take the backups using different tools (also manually) so that if one of the backup do not work, we can use the other backup.


We then migrate the WordPress files along with the databases. Our experts migrate your website manually and we execute this very carefully to ensure there are no errors.


We’ll make sure everything working properly. We ask you to change the DNS Records or if we have access to your website’s DNS manager, we will update the DNS records and then we make sure everything is working fine and once assured then we deliver your website to you.

About the Service

Before anything, we take a full backup of your website including your files, themes, plugins and database. Once we have a complete back up of your website, the next step in the migration process is to transfer your files and database to your new web host. As soon as we finish with the transfer, we’ll be ready to update your DNS settings to point your domain name to your new web host. If you also change the domain, there is little bit of work to do.


+ How much downtime will I experience?

Though we aim to keep downtime to a minimum. Your downtime actually depends on how long your domain’s DNS needs to propagate.

+ What about the domain email addresses?

If you have created email addresses with your old hosting provider you will need to re-create the email address with your new provider. 

+ What information do you need for WordPress website migration?

We will need your current and new hosting account details and your WordPress login details to start the migration (you can change login details later).