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Maintenance Plans

Basic Plan



Daily Backups

(The backups are located in Amazon S3 Servers EU Location)

Safe Updates (Core, Themes, Plugins)

Emergency Support *

Monthly Report

The backup process is fully automated and all your backups are safely stored on Amazon S3 cloud servers. Your web hosting provider may have included backups with your web hosting plan. But is that enough? Can you trust that those backups will be there when you need them? 

Protection Plan




All the Basic Plan Features plus

Security Hardening

Complete Malware Removal

Free Emergency Support

Monthly Report

The protection plan is IDEAL for anyone who wants to keep his website safe therefore never losing his client trust.

Above all, we keep an eye for anything suspicious may happened (and always there a lot) and we make the necessary changes to resolve it before the problem takes place.

*In case of a disaster at basic plan, we recover your whole website from previous backup with an additional fee of 50 euros.

*We provide Super FAST CDN (fast global reach) support for 5 euros per month.

At the end of each month we send you a link with the latest backup of your site for downloading at your disk with a detailed report of all the updates, backups and security checks that have been done in the last month.

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Backup is a must if you want to talk about security measures. Whatever you do regarding your website security, none it's more important than having the ability to restore your website in a previous version of it in any host you want.

We make full daily backups, and we send you a link for downloading the latest backup at the end of each month.

Security audit and hardening

We make various tweaks to the WordPress that increase the security against brute-force attacks, malicious php, sql code injections, comments spam cross sites scripting, remote file exclusion and many other forms of attack.

We make a vulnerability check regarding themes, plugins, PHP version etc and we fix them.

We create strong password policy. 

We install our cutting-edge technology firewall-antivirus plugin.

Malware & Virus scan and cleanup.

Your website is set to be automatically scan twice in day for any malicious code. If anything is founded, we clean it immediately.

Safe Update

Every time your website needs an update(wordpress core files, themes, plugins), we make sure to have a full backup. In case something goes wrong, we restore your website in seconds and deal with the problematic update.

Emergency Support

In case something happens to your website, i.e. you can't login at the admin backend or encounter the White Screen of Death (WSoD), we have the means to resolve the issue in no time.

Monthly Report

At the end of each month, we send a detailed report of what has been done to your website (backups, updates and etc).