Choose the right web host for your website.

Most of the time, when you start looking for a host for your website, what you usually see, is the size in GB they offer, the bandwidth you are able to download, and the number of websites you’re allowed to host there. Many of the most popular web hosting companies also offer unlimited bandwidth and size with a disproportionately small amount of money.

So, what’s the catch? The catch is that they give you unlimited size and bandwidth but they limit CPU power or the number of databases you can create or the memory usage or something like the total number of files that you can have. Or maybe they lack in something else that you cannot know about.

Thus, whereas no problems appear with a small number of visitors, as their number increases, many of them will receive error messages when trying to load the website due to CPU or memory limitations.

Remember that you always get what you pay for. The point is to pay and get exactly what you need. The most important aspects of choosing a web hosting provider are its policies regarding the safety of your website data, transactions -if it’s an e-shop- and of course the loading speed.

Things to have in mind when looking for a Web Hosting provider.

  • Learn about the backup and restore policy. It must keep daily backups for at least one month and must give you the ability to restore your files and databases easily.
  • Does it have an antivirus running? How does the web host assists when a virus or malware infects your files? Is very important to have your host by your side during your recovery efforts.
  • If you can avoid choosing a shared hosting and afford a VPS or a dedicated web server, it will give a boost to your security and of course your website speed. In a shared hosting plan, there are a lot of websites hosted, even thousands, but in a VPS or a dedicated server, the websites that exist are only yours. So you do not have to worry if another website on that server is compromised and whether that may affect your websites. Nowadays, there are a lot of VPS and dedicated web servers slightly more expensive but affordable. Although in a shared hosting environment many of the web hosting companies provide isolation (or “jailed”) between your website and other websites that are hosted on the same server, you never can be sure how secure this is.
  • How can you contact them if you have a problem? Is there a ticketing system? Can you chat with them or phone them? How fast do they respond to your questions and problems? Is their response satisfactory? Do you feel that they care about your business? The ideal is to have 24/7 phone support or at least chatting support.
  • Does it provide sFTP or SSH access to your files? This kind of connection use encryption when you connect with your host. Is very important to have a secure connection to your files instead of sending information in plain text over the internet.
  • If you know what software your website will be “running” you will better start your search based on that. Find the host that optimizes your website software.

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